Michelle Obama, known for her intellectual capacity, way of thinking and expressing has presented to the entire world some speeches. Among all of them the most watched is about the education of women. Is mainly focuses in the global girl education crisis and about our responsibility to address this crisis as women, as business leaders and as a citizen of our country. She focuses in two points. One is the moral case of the girl’s education and the economic case.

The women run companies that are transforming industries and also lead organizations conducing to the change of people’s lives. For Michelle, women are the living proof that when they have a good education, not only they life got direction, but; rather the live of this entire world. As point of departure the statistics demonstrate that today many women don’t have the opportunity to be educated. This worrying situation happens here, in the United Stated and on countries all around the world. They are 62,000 million girls that aren’t in school, that is without primary education.

Global education doesn’t have a big problem with getting the girls through primary school. Nevertheless, when it comes the secondary school, girls fall behind. As a result, 10% of girls never complete high school. The reason of why this percent is so high, is because the families can’t afford the payment of the school, the nearest school is a couple of miles away to get there or it does have a near school, but is doesn’t have the adequate bathrooms for the menstrual period of the girls. But the problem isn’t only the resources, is also about the attitude because when girls get to an environment, it means an exposure to society who think girls need to get married as soon as possible, to have children, stay home and do domestics labors.

Obama gives some humoristic tone to her speech when the moment for examples to make a strong base in her statement arrives. She compares the complication or struggle experienced by the men when they were at the school, specifically when the professor asks a question and they just avoid answer it because of the fact they didn’t knew it, while the girl just rolled up her eyes as a gesture of “Seriously, this is unbelievable”, because the girl actually knows the answer. The girl knew the answer. That one was for the young audience, followed with this she mentions of how the husbands of some women got crazy about doing two things at the same time, while you, the women are doing six at the same time very calmly. This is what we know as a multitasking.

The girls are very talented, curious about what they are going to be when they grow up and outspoken, until someone says “Sorry, not you. You are a girl, you have to go home, marry a man, who must be twenty years old more than you and have children, and also raised they by your own”. This situation was the life of a high member of twelve or thirteen years old girls, for then that was it, their dream ends here. This way Michelle expressed, I think is very realistic, which is a needed factor to deliver the message directly. In others with that explanation she seems very productive. I assure you that her goal with the facts she uses was productive she achieved her goal.

On the other hand, in the economic branch the impact is overwhelming. First of all, either the economic as the health go hand by hand. They are studies which demonstrate the benefits receiving by the country if you give to a girl a complete secondary education. For example, a well-educated girl will know when to decide the moment to have children (they are more likely to delay child birthing), the probability to contract HIB is less, she will be economically stable in two things: to contribute for the country and to support her family. And then, when girls are raising healthy families and contributing to their country work force it, is good for our economy since raising incomes and standings are good for companies.

Meanwhile, an uneducated girl, will suffer troubles at the moment, where she wouldn’t be conscious and wouldn’t have the knowledge to decide the right time to sexually reproduce. As an outcome of this act, the government instead of receiving a contribution from the girl, would receive in the scenery of acquiring a sexual disease as HIB an expansion if she passed to her child, which means in an extreme case, dead. In a not so extremely case, the government would have to take care of her case, implicating the payment of her treatment if she can’t afford it because she also doesn’t have the capacity and knowledge to make her own money. This act causes an increase very dangerous and worrying as the losses of these lives.

For all the reasons mentioned Michelle Obama with the help of his husband decided to create programs to encourage and educated all the girls, who needs it. They also focus in those regions with political issues, those ones that complicates the education.

I agree with Michelle Obama when she says “education is the single most important stepping stone to power, to freedom and to equality. Is our moral imperial as women and human’s beings. Also in a long-term is the economic imperative as business leaders”. (Obama, 2015). Also I think is vital to point the important of the attitude of all this girl’s, it must be furiously ambitious. Michelle Obama emphasizes a lot the issue about the education of all the girls because of the fact she identifies herself. Is a personal issue. She simply couldn’t afford to just walk away. In this kind of thinking I would have to differ from her because I honestly don’t identify with this issue, but that doesn’t I’m not educated about this topic. Fortunately, I like her way of expressing the real problems and possible solutions including our selves. She encourages us to participate in her movement telling us to ask our self, how we can contribute to the education of this 62,00 millions of girls?


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