The essay entitled “Hispanic USA: The conveyor-belt ladies”, written by Rose Del Castillo, who was born in Mexico, who together with her parents migrated to California, where they settled in a small farm. She graduated from San José State University. Also she was a columnist for Pacific News Service and currently she is the vice president of corporate communications and public affairs. Undoubtedly, this text belongs to the literary genre of narrative essay. The writer’s purpose was to describe her summer working in a farm and the experiences she had from her co-workers and describe how much trouble do immigrant people go through, experiencing and suffering a lot of Unjustice, specifically in Texas. Though during the summer, she felt sympathy and respect for the conveyor belt ladies. Leading us to think about how sometimes we get to stereotype people and then we figure out their personality while we realize or discover some characteristics as it happened to Rose, who discovered in this women characteristics such as gregarious, hardworking and kind.

First of all, the conveyor belt ladies characterized for being gregarious. In other words, is the act of being sociable. During the development of the story we could observe how the ladies told Rose different stories about themselves or even about their co-workers. Generally, they found a way to make the day better. For example, the moment, when Rosa described her romances and her impending wending to a handsome field worker. As well Bertha, a heavy-set, dark-skinned woman, told Rose that Rosa’s marriage would cause nothing but headaches because the man was younger and handsome. Thanks to the conveyor belt ladies that were often shifted around, they had the opportunity to be more gregarious. Of course, this also allowed Rose to get to know everyone, listen to their life stories among other things. As the time passed and the end of summer approached, she got closer to the conveyor belt ladies to the point where the women came to share stories about their struggle in Texas that made Rose feel astonished. With this act of trust she learned to respect the migrant people and knew how hard they worked based in the awful stories about they own life.

Therefore, we have another characteristic of this women. They were hard-working. In the story Rose del Castillo presents to the reader those characteristics when she describes the work schedule of the conveyor belt ladies. By mentioning, that this schedule may vary by an increased in work, due that the companies got backlogged deliveries or after a rainy weather had delayed the picking. When it happened those variations or unusual times the work hours were from 7am to midnight. This was to work “overtime”, and obviously no one would complain about overtime because it meant desperately needed extra money. Also the women would do what it takes to surpass the most difficult moments, whether economic, family problems, health or others. Let’s focus on the economics. Most of the times it can happen in the scenario, when a professional in an area wants to take advantage of those who are not educated and don’t know how to defend themselves. Also this was a problem suffered by women, but to fight it, they were asked for help from Rose. This scenario was when she translated and explained the rental contracts and other documents to the women. They were always searching for ways to solve their problem by working hard.

As well as they spent long hours working hard to support themselves, the women characterized themselves by being kind. This characteristic that Rose expressed as being “warm people”, was considered a synonym of kind. In the story Rose described how kind was Maria, the woman with nine children, who tried to feed all of them during the summer, by bringing extra tortillas, which were delicious. Also she said that the women had this characteristic because of the way they treated her. She refers to a treatment with respect, and in despite of the fact that she was a college student, Rose felt as she was special, by being treated differently and having a higher level of education.

To summarize, Rose del Castillo Guildbault described her last summer job before college as meaningful, she sorted tomatoes on a conveyor belt, side by side with migrant women worker’s, who at first embarrassed her, but to whom she came to like and respect. While time passed, she came to understand the characteristics in these women, as the one expressed in this text and others. She learned that her feeling of embarrassment was unnecessary, because those women, treated her very well, both sides learn, she and the conveyor belt ladies, shared stories that each other would remember, specifically Rose. They would take with them all the memories acquired while they were socializing and working. This leads to the reader to think about how many times they have been mistaken by stereotyping a person and never figure out their personality. In this case, for Rose, fortunately she was able to learn that no matter your nationality that we are all the same and she also learned respect for others. Thanks to the conveyor belt ladies.


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